Brad Strength and Conditioning Trainer Near New Haven




  • Kabuki Movement Systems Coach (First in Indiana)
  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach
  • USA Powerlifting State Chair 2018-2019
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
  • Under Armour Fit Men Cook Winner 2014

Coached hundreds of clients to successful transformations through an evidence based approach of resistance training, nutrition, and behavior changes. Specializes in helping clients move better, long term habit formation, and teaching how to effectively train for increased performance and quality.

I am passionate about sharing the power of strength training and nutrition. When not coaching or training myself, you can find me listening to copious amounts of 90’s alternative, reading Vonnegut, taking my two dogs, Margot and Clover to the park, and in the kitchen perfecting a new cast iron recipe.

I got my start in fitness after being bullied for being extremely skinny in the 7th grade. After being tired of being shoved around, I convince my parents to buy me a weight set for Christmas. I learned that I was in control of my body and that I had the power to change it.

I have competed in obstacle course races competitively, was involved in physique in my early 20’s, and then transitioned into powerlifting. I now practice a balanced approach to fitness that allows me to be strong, athletic, and able to pursue any activity without limits. I firmly believe that what you do inside of the gym is to increase your quality of life outside of it.