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Meet for one of our highly qualified coaches. We want to learn more about where you currently are, and how we can help you get where you want to be. Let us answer your questions, and make a plan to move forward. Fill out the form below to schedule a Free Consult.

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At Velocity Barbell, all clients begin by working 1-on-1 with one of our highly qualified coaches. We make a tremendous investment in each of our new clients to establish a strong foundation that sets you up for a lifetime of progress.

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Successful completion of the Foundations Course earns you the privilege to attend semi-private sessions with Fort Wayne’s most tight-knit fitness community. Our class sizes are kept small and our coaching staff, one of the highest-credentialed staffs in the state, offers a semi-private training experience in every class.

We understand that the hardest part of getting started can be walking in for your first appointment. That’s why we make it a stress-free process. Simply do the following:

1. Submit your information below.
2. Schedule you time with the attached booking page.
3. Get ready to experience life changing results.

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