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Small Group Training in Fort Wayne

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Small Group Training in Fort Wayne Offer Personalized Coaching, Accountability, and More!

At Velocity Barbell, we work hard and we play hard. Join us for Small Group Training and get started on the work.. and we'll provide the play! Sweat with us and get real results... from sustainable changes in your health to improved overall fitness, we're your source for quality fitness training in Fort Wayne and New Haven. No matter whether it's your first time stepping into the gym or your thousandth, we'll work closely with you to create a personalized plan that will fast-track your results. 

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Why Choose Our Small Group Training?

Most people stop working out because they're bored, repeating the same routine and are demotivated. We provided a structured strength and conditioning program which incorporates all the important factors that continually improve your fitness. Our philosophy at Velocity Barbell is Effort Based Results, and that’s exactly the environment we foster in our signature small group training program.

Each member that is part of the small group programming will be invited to our online app that will show all of their workouts for the week. Throughout the app they will be able to rate how they are feeling before they even start their workout, track all of their movements and weights used, and see graphic results of their progress during the programmed training block. All athletes will receive in-person coaching with the small-group training while learning how to be confident and independent as well. This approach ensures you’ll never have to ask, “Am I doing this right?” again! These workouts are goal oriented that build over a four week training schedule.

Keep Track Of Your Workouts

A problem with many workout programs (class based or otherwise) is that they aren't adapting as you improve your fitness. This leads to plateauing and no longer seeing results. Our structured program progressively overloads each week and month to continually challenge you as you get fitter.

Our classes allow you to see our workouts, measure your progress, and join the Velocity Barbell community as they cheer on your success. Motivation, supportiveness, and being better won't be a problem when you follow this system!

Our Small Group Classes Cater To People Of All Abilities

First timers, newbies or novices alike can feel comfortable joining any of our small group classes as we take a personal training approach with each participant. Workouts and movements can be modified to match your ability and teach you the basics. We take pride in prioritizing movement quality so teaching you how to move correctly is the primary goal.

Go at your own pace. Workouts have different quantities for different fitness levels. You’ll be provided alternative methods to complete workouts until after the first couple of weeks as your fitness baselines to a new normal. Then you’ve adapted and are ready to really start feeling and seeing results.

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Where you're starting out doesn't matter. It's all about where you're going. At Velocity Barbell, we'll get you where you need to go so that you can look good and feel even better. See for yourself why we're Fort Wayne's #1 destination for health and wellness... the first step in your journey is only a click away.

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