Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training

At Velocity Barbell, we pride ourselves on the personalized and tailored approach to training we offer. We know that no client is the same – you all have your own motivations, training experiences, injury history, and time you can dedicate to working out. We take everything into account and build a personal training program that puts you on the road to smashing your goals, no matter your circumstances.

Your Own Full-Time Professional Coach

Every Velocity Barbell coach is a full-time, experienced personal trainer, and they’re waiting to take you on a fitness and wellbeing journey. Whether you’re looking to become stronger, leaner, more resilient, improve your health, or train for a specific event, we’ll provide bespoke training plans that focus on your needs, goals, and capabilities.

Start Personal Training

Signs You Should Start Personal Training
  • You’re new to the gym and need guidance on form, technique, and what exercises are best suited to your goals.
  • You’ve been training for a while but have hit a plateau and can’t seem to reach your latest goals.
  • You have an on/off relationship with working out and need the motivation to stick at it.
  • You have a historic or ongoing injury that impacts your ability to workout so you need to find exercises that don’t cause pain or damage to your body.
  • You want results as fast as possible, are motivated, and are ready to be pushed to your limits.
  • You want to improve your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing, enabling you to perform better in your day-to-day life.

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